Introduction to Health Supplements

Health supplement as the daily nutritional needs to support healthy growth and development

Any substance used to complement a diet and to preserve, enhance, and promote bodily health is referred to as a health supplement (HS).

Athletes and those with stringent health regimens frequently utilize health supplements. In the form of capsules, tablets, powders, or liquids, these items are used to supply vital vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. A prepared product called a health supplement is typically intended to complement a person’s daily diet by taking a pill, tablet, capsule, powder, or liquid along with a healthy diet. In order to maximize vitamin intake, health supplements can also provide vitamins that are synthetically produced or naturally taken from food sources.

It is supplied in tiny unit dose forms (to be administered) such capsules, pills, powder, and liquids, and it must not contain any sterile preparations (i.e., injectable, eye drops). Any of the following combinations, including one or more, may be present:

i) substances derived from *natural sources, such as animal, mineral, and botanical materials in the forms of extracts, isolates, concentrates, and metabolites;

ii) substances derived from synthetic sources of ingredients mentioned in I and (ii);

iii) synthetic sources of ingredients mentioned in I and (ii) may only be used where the safety of these has been proven.

It is important to educate the distributors and consumers of the followings regarding the claims made for HS: –
i) be consistent with the definition of HS;
ii) enable consumers to make an informed choice regarding products;
iii) not be misleading or false;
iv) support the safe, beneficial and appropriate use of the product;
v) maintain the level of scientific evidence proportional to the type of claims;
vi) be for health maintenance and promotion purpose only; vii) not be medicinal or therapeutic in nature, such as implied for treatment, cure or prevention of disease.

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